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In the late eighties, under the CAEM presidency of Stephan Nichols, the Board had a mandate to establish a professional designation for the Canadian show industry.  After several years of hard work and dedication from the Board, headed up by Stephan Nichols, Jon Denman and Jennifer Sickinger, they launched the CAEM’s professional designation, Certified Director of Expositions (C.D.E.). 

To achieve this stature, which was restricted to CAEM Show Managers only, one had to have at least three years experience and have first qualified to write the exam by submitting a comprehensive personal data application and reaching at least 200 out of a possible 400 points. Candidates are then challenged to write and pass a full day exam. Currently, there are thirteen C.D.E.s:

Paul Day, C.D.E.
Jonathan Denman, C.D.E.
Deborah Dugan, C.D.E., CEM
Edwin Kastner, C.D.E., CEM
Jim Mahon, C.D.E., CEM
Elizabeth McCullough, C.D.E.
Marti Milks, C.D.E.
Paul Newdick, C.D.E.
Stephen Nichols, C.D.E.
Kathryn Rasmussens, C.D.E.
Jennifer Sickinger, C.D.E.
Marc Speir, C.D.E.



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