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First News - Friday, April 3, 2009

Hello welcome to VL ineractive News Board

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test - Friday, April 3, 2009


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Stuart Galloway      5/26/2017 3:14:10 PM
Membership I am looking to receive information on joining CAEM. I look forward to hearing from someone. Submitted By: Stuart Galloway

Robbin      4/14/2017 7:06:50 PM
information on becoming a member as an individual To whom it may concern, I would like to have more information on becoming a CAEM. Thank you very much Robbin Submitted By: Robbin

Eduardo Alvear      3/17/2017 3:28:18 PM
Membership Kindly send me an information packet on membership privileges and cost. Thank you Submitted By: Eduardo Alvear

Solomon      2/28/2017 5:37:05 PM
I would like to know the benefits of joining CAEM besides getting a discount for attending a conference. Submitted By: Solomon

Jessica Herdsman      11/22/2016 2:01:39 PM
CAEM Membership Hello, I am looking to get some more information about caem. I believe my workplace,The Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers is currently a member. However I am looking to join as well. If you could please send me some information it would be greatly appreciated. Thank-you, Jessica Herdsman Submitted By: Jessica Herdsman

Sarah      7/25/2016 10:48:50 AM
Membership We are looking at getting some information on becoming a member Submitted By: Sarah

Jamie Main      6/27/2016 6:35:13 PM
Membership Options Hi, we currently have 2 Managers who are members. We would like to add a 3rd. Please send me information regarding group membership costs & if it would be advantageous fee wise to wait until the new year & register everyone for the year together. Thanks Submitted By: Jamie Main

Stefani Serdar      3/28/2016 4:36:16 PM
Joining Would like to know if this is a good fit for my role in my organization. Submitted By: Stefani Serdar

Sam      3/8/2016 1:02:28 PM
Looking to transfrer membership over Hi, I just recently joined the Shaw Conference Center and have taken over for Lori Ehnes who was a member on behalf of our organization. I have been asked to take over the membership in Lori's absence and need to know how in need to proceed in getting the membership transferred under my name. Thanks in advance, Sam Khosla 780-991-2576 Submitted By: Sam

Angela Clarino      2/26/2016 8:41:19 AM
More Info I am interested in receiving more information on CAEM and the benefits of joining. Thank you. Submitted By: Angela Clarino