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By: Serge Micheli, CAE, CEM, Executive Director
CAEM’s Annual General Meeting was held on June 27, 2016 at the PEI Convention Centre. Secretary/Treasurer Mike Russell, CEM confirmed that a quorum was established to proceed with conducting business. At this annual meeting seventy-six voting members were in attendance and eleven were represented by proxy.
The voting scrutineers for this meeting were Orest Iwanylo, Nicole Sampson and Rita Medynski, CEM. All votes on motions were counted and filed with the Executive Director.
The Secretary noted that, as per the CAEM bylaws, the meeting was governed by Robert’s Rules of Order in the transaction of business.
Treasurer’s Report
Treasurer Mike Russell, CEM reported that 2015 proved to be a challenging year for CAEM in terms of finances. He explained that due to the changes in the business climate, CAEM’s expenses to organize special events like the summer social, holiday luncheon, and the awards gala have been increasing. The Board and Committees have had to decrease expectations within the operating budget on the net surplus expected from all of the events held throughout the year. This has had a large impact on CAEM’s cash flow.
The Association experienced a loss of $11,597. This loss combined with the previous year’s loss will affect having to access the Association’s reserves.
Mike also explained that the income generated from the annual conference is the main source of revenue to sustain the association throughout the year. With the decrease in conference revenue, CAEM will now need to access the reserves in an unprecedented nature in order to sustain the cash flow for the organization. The Board had to make the decision to hold the conference in Ontario for the next two years in order to rebuild the reserves for CAEM.
It was moved Mike Russell, seconded by John Le Roy, and carried, to appoint Palmer Reed Chartered Accounts as the Association’s auditor for CAEM for 2016.
A Year in Profile
Gratitude to all of our volunteers
CAEM would like to thank all of our volunteers for their tremendous efforts in advancing our cause on every front!
Tim Stover, CAE, CEM, Power Sport Services
Jennifer Allaby (Chair), Canadian National Sportsmen’s Shows
Dion Burt, LANGE
Sherry Kirkpatrick, Workplace Safety & Prevention Services
Anita Schachter, Canadian Gift Association
Tony Gallagher, CEM (Co-Chair), GES – Global Experience Specialists
Tim Stover, CAE, CEM (Co-Chair), Power Sport Services
Julie Pike (Co-Chair), SME Canada
Stephanie Chiang, CEM, Annex Business Media
Arnie Gess, Falcon Ridge Group Inc.
Tina Holmes, BILD
Avery Levitt, CEM,SX Marketing Inc.
Bev Hill (Co-Chair), OnPeak | GES
Nancy Milani, CMP, CEM, (Co-Chair), Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce
Jennifer Allaby, Conference Sponsorship Subcommittee, Canadian National Sportsmen’s Shows
Bianca Kennedy, Conference Promotions Subcommittee, Power Sport Services
Darryl Andree, Conference Sponsorship Subcommittee, Brand Blvd.
Ron Bentley, Conference Supplier EXPO Subcommittee, The International Centre
Jill Crawford Christie, CMP, Conference Social Subcommittee, Starwood Hotels and Resorts - Toronto Metro Market
Kyle Dugan, CEM, Conference Supplier EXPO Subcommittee, CONEXSYS Registration Ltd.
Tony Gallagher, CEM, CAEM Director & Conference Supplier EXPO Subcommittee
GES – Global Experience Specialists
Jamie Holland, Conference Supplier EXPO Subcommittee, Freeman
Jennifer Holland, CEM, Conference Sponsorship Subcommittee, Metro Toronto Convention Centre
Ken Jattan, CEM, Conference Social Subcommittee, Exhibition Place
Avery Levitt, CEM, Conference Promotions Subcommittee, SX Marketing Inc.
David MacKinnon, Conference Social Subcommittee, GSS Security Ltd.
Michelle MacLean, Conference Promotions Subcommittee, Freeman
Catherine MacNutt, Conference Social Subcommittee, Master Promotions Ltd.
Elizabeth McCullough, C.D.E., Conference Supplier EXPO Subcommittee, Canadian Heating & Plumbing Association
Kristen McIntyre, CHT, CEM, Conference Education Subcommittee, Landscape Ontario Horticultural Trades Association
Karen Maki, CEM, Conference Supplier EXPO Subcommittee, Informa Canada Inc.
Sandra Martin, CEM, Conference Education Subcommittee, The International Centre
Rita Medynski, CEM, Conference Social Subcommittee, The International Centre
Laurie Paetz, Conference Social Subcommittee, Power Sport Services
Eleni Papakonstantinou, CEM, Conference Promotions Subcommittee, Metro Toronto Convention Centre
Rita Plaskett, CMP, Conference Social Committee, AGENDUM Inc.
Mark Romanowicz, Conference Social Subcommittee, ABF Freight
Chris Smith, Supplier EXPO Subcommittee, Global Convention Services
Carissa Sommise, Conference Education Subcommittee, Scotiabank Convention Centre
Wes Scott, Conference Education Subcommittee, dmg events (Canada) inc.
Mikey Singer, Conference Education Subcommittee, SX Marketing Inc.
Isabella Wai, CEM, Conference Education Subcommittee Co-Chair, Ontario Hospital Association
Sheila Wong, CEM, Conference Promotions Subcommittee, BBW International Inc.
Dion Burt (Co-Chair), LANGE
Heather MacRae (Co-Chair), Landscape Ontario
Sarah Borisko, CEM, Certification Council Subcommittee, The International Centre
Glenna Cairnie, CEM, Ontario Fruit & Vegetable Convention
Michael Cronin, CEM, Certification Council Subcommittee, Stagnito Business Information
Michael Dargavel, CEM, Education & Certification Council Subcommittee, Association and Events Management
Deborah Dugan, CEM, Certification Council Subcommittee, CONEXSYS Registration Ltd.
Maria Kitamura, CEM, GES – Global Experience Specialists
Katie Leeb, Freeman
James Mahon, CEM, C.D.E., Certification Council Subcommittee, James Mahon Associates/ITS
Kelly Marshall, CEM, Western District Fair
Sonia Moffatt, CEM, Certification Council Subcommittee Vice-Chair Freeman
Laura Purdy, CEM, CMM, Certification Council Subcommittee, Direct Energy Centre & Allstream Centre at Exhibition Place
Wes Scott, dmg events (Canada) inc.
Mikey Singer, SX Marketing Inc.
Dianne Smirl, CEM, dmg events (Canada) inc.
Sasha Stone, CEM, Certification Council Subcommittee, Canfitpro
Isabella Wai, CEM, Certification Council Subcommittee Chair, Ontario Hospital Association
Erinn Wright, Cottage Life
Stephanie Wolf, CMP, CEM, AGENDUM Inc.
Mike Russell, CEM (Treasurer & Chair), the Toronto Congress  Centre   
Deborah Dugan, CEM, CONEXSYS Registration Ltd.
Hardat Persaud, CEM, Direct Energy Centre & Allstream Centre atExhibition Place
Anita Schachter, Canadian Gift Association
Judy Sharpe, Canadian Health Food Association
Dominique Gagnon, CEM, Membership Committee Co-Chair, Centre de Foires de Sherbrooke
Nick Samain, CEM, Membership Committee Co-Chair, dmg events (Canada) inc.
Lisa Contino Moran, CEM, Freeman
Louise D’Amours, City of Moncton
Jérome Dussault, Solotech – Rental Division
Orest Iwanylo,Calgary Stampede & Exhibition
Lois Jackalin, BBW International Inc.
Mike Klemm, CEM, GES – Global Experience Specialists
Ken Legault, Legault Companies Ltd.
Mireille Tessier, CEM, Tessier Services d’Expositions
Andrew Tyne, Trade Centre Limited
Lisa McDonald, CAEM Past-President & Liaison to NMID Committee
Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada
Lisa McDonald, Nominating Committee Chair, Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada
Jennifer Allaby, Canadian National Sportsmen’s Shows
Deborah Dugan, CEM, CONEXSYS Registration Ltd.
Catherine MacNutt, Master Promotions Ltd.
Sonia Moffatt, CEM, Freeman
Kelly Antonaros, CEM, Sponsorship & Special Events Co-Chair, Zoomer Media
Bianca Kennedy, Sponsorship & Special Events Co-Chair, Power Sport Services
John Neofotistos (NEO), R.I.B.O., Sponsorship & Special Events Co Chair,
Maria Bava Chisholm, Mendelssohn Commerce Events Logistics
Dianne Castanheiro, CEM, Freeman
Pat D’Alessandro, TWI Group Inc.
Jeff Drover, STRONCO
Lerna Gurunluoglu, CEM, Restaurants Canada
Maria Kitamura, CEM, GES – Global Experience Specialists

2016/2017 Board of Directors

Nominating Chair, Lisa McDonald presented the slate of 2016/2017 Board of Directors. In accordance with the CAEM By-laws, the officers and directors presented on the slate were elected by acclamation. Congratulations to the following Board of Directors:

Executive Officers:
President: Jennifer Allaby, Canadian National Sportsmen’s Shows
1st VP: Catherine MacNutt, Master Promotions Ltd.
2nd VP: Nancy Milani, CEM, CMP, Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce
Secretary: Dion Burt, LANGE
Treasurer: Mike Russell, CEM, the Toronto Congress Centre
Past President: Sherry Kirkpatrick, Workplace Safety & Prevent Services

Kelly Antonaros, CEM, ZoomerMedia Limited
Dominique Gagnon, CEM, Centre de Foires de Sherbrooke
Tony Gallagher, CEM, GES – Global Experience Specialists
Beverly Hill, onPeak | GES
Bianca Kennedy, Power Sport Services
Heather MacRae, Landscape Ontario
Laurie Paetz, Power Sport Services
Julie Pike, SME Canada
Laura Purdy, CEM, CMM, Enercare Centre/Allstream Centre
Nick Samain, CEM, dmg events (Canada) inc.

Awards and Special Recognition

It was with great pleasure and honour that the members in attendance had the opportunity to recognize the special contribution of industry professionals that generously served on the Board of Directors. CAEM’s President made a special presentation to recognize:

Lisa McDonald, Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada
John Neofotistos, R.I.B.O.,
Tim Stover, CAE, CEM, Power Sport Services


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