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2016 Exposition Member of the Year Award

Bianca Kennedy, Manager of Shows (Montreal and Quebec City), Power Sport Services

Introductory Speech by Ralph Scali:

Our 2016 Expo Member of the Year can be described in one word: driven.  When this person takes on a volunteer role, they dive right in, bringing incredible energy and creativity to the task at hand..  This individual’s contributions this past year are a perfect example of their commitment and why they are so deserving of this award.
The role of the Conference Co-Chair is not an easy one, particularly when located outside the GTA.  This was far from a deterrent for our Expo Member of the Year, in fact this person embraced it and brought incredible energy to the table. This individual demonstrated great leadership skills and worked seamlessly with their co-chair.  Further our nominee played an essential role in the successful conference co-location with our sister organization in Quebec, APEQ.
This individual is willing to put in the extra hours as a volunteer to make positive change. More than this, our nominee inspires the volunteers they work with as well as the CAEM staff. 
Impressive leadership, a strong work ethic and a generosity of spirit are just a few of the qualities that make this nominee deserving of this award.  Please join me in congratulating the 2016 Expo Member of the Year, Bianca Kennedy from Power Sports Services.

Acceptance Speech by Bianca Kennedy:

Hey CAEM! 
I wish I could be with you tonight, but The Montreal Motorcycle Show opens tomorrow.  Even though I can’t be at the awards gala in person, I’ll be celebrating this very cool honor with my team, here in Montreal tonight.
When I found out I was receiving this award, I was excited and surprised.  Working on the motorcycle shows is a dream job.  On most days, I feel like I have it made in the shade.  So, to receive an award, for having a job I love, that allows me to champion an industry I adore – well that’s pretty sweet. 
Thank you to those who nominated me.  When I look at the list of previous recipients, as well as the list of many CAEM volunteers, I am absolutely blown away by all the talent in this group.  Leaders like Isabella Wai, who convinced me to join the CAEM Board of Directors.  Jennifer Allaby, who guided me through my first conference co-chairing role.  The CAEM office staff, who are absolute superstars. And so many others, who I’ve had the privilege of working with over the years. 
I also want to acknowledge the entire Power Sport Services team – you guys rule!  I’m especially grateful to Bob, our President, for supporting and encouraging my involvement in CAEM.  Ray and Tim, the most stoic dudes in show biz, for helping me cultivate a more laid-back composure.  And Dominic, my Montreal sidekick, for taking the grind out of the day-to-day.    
And then, there’s the legendary Anita Schachter – thank you for everything!  You took me under your wing when I was 22 years old, gave me opportunity after opportunity, and shared all your wisdom and experience.  Thank you for being a great friend and mentor. 
And finally, my husband - Randy - who I’m pretty sure is my secret weapon.  Thank you for always being down for a new project and adventure.  Pick up and move to Montreal?  Why not!  Teach me how to ride a motorcycle?  No problem!  With you in my corner, nothing seems impossible.  For a couple of misfits, I’d say we’ve done alright.        
Last year, I had the pleasure of co-chairing the CAEM Annual Conference with Tony Gallagher – what a wonderful experience.  If you haven’t yet volunteered with CAEM, I definitely recommend it.  There are so many different ways to get involved.  Or, if volunteering isn’t your thing, then maybe you’d like to come out to more events this year.  The 2016 CAEM Conference, in Charlottetown PEI, is going to be amazing!  And the special events committee is planning an all-new, end of summer bash that you won’t want to miss.  You can count on seeing me at both of these events and I hope to see you all there too! 


Until then, enjoy the rest of evening, congratulations to everyone being recognized tonight and I look forward to seeing you all soon!