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2015 Give Back Award Winner

The International Centre
Michael Prescott, CEO, The International Centre

Introductory Speech by John Neofotistos:

Thank you.

Good evening ladies and gentlemen and it’s very nice to be here with you this evening. My name is John Neo and I’m with It’s my pleasure this evening to introduce this year’s recipient of the Give Back Award. The Give Back Award recognizes a member organization who, not for financial reason, has contributed to the enhancement of their community, within the past year.
This year’s recipient has contributed and enhanced their community in the following ways:
- Through a 5 year partnership with the MPI Foundation, they will raise enough funds for 35 industry scholarships. Recipients of these scholarships include Humber College and their school of Hospitality and Event Management, MPI toward WEC or CMP designations and through CAEM toward CEM.
- Have participated in Set Sail for Hope for six years. Set Sail for Hope is an event dedicated to raising funds for Camp Trillium, a camp specializing in supporting children with cancer and their families. To date, Set Sail for Hope has raised over $3 million dollars in support of Camp Trillium.
- Volunteer with Breakfast for Kids over four consecutive years. Breakfast for Kids is a program in Peel helping schools develop and maintain healthy breakfast and snack programs. This organization supports this program by donating breakfast and snack items, and with the help of staff volunteers, serving students breakfast.
- Participated in tree planting at a local park. They planted over 250 native tree species to increase biodiversity for the surrounding area.
- Support the CAEM Food Drive annually,
- Sponsored four families in the Holiday Wishes program with the Peel Children’s Aid Foundation. A program to assist children and youth living with abuse, neglect or poverty over the holiday season.
- Continuously donate left over food items to The Knights Table. An organization in the Peel Region providing a food bank, hot meals and other services to those dealing with hunger, poverty and homelessness.
- Raise money for the MPI ECOS Program (Events for Communities of Sustainability) supporting sustainability in the communities where members live and work. In two years the ECOS Program has supported three different organizations including Adam’s Dream Fund, Breakfast with Santa and the Collingwood Hospital’s Stuffie Program.
- Support the Sick Kids Foundation through the MPI Foundation, donating over $12,000 in five years. This organization also supports Sick Kids around the holidays, making donations in lieu of sending out cards. - Support local academia with numerous internships from George Brown College, Humber College and Seneca College, resulting in over 10 successful candidates being hired on upon completion of their internship or co-op.
- Additional organizations supported include The Stop Community Food Centre, Habitat for Humanity, Friends of We Care, The Red Cross, The Credit Valley Hospital Foundation, The World Wildlife Foundation, The United Way, Phoenix Ball Trillium Foundation, Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Peel and The Mississauga Food Bank.
PLEASE WELCOME THIS YEAR’S RECIPIENT OF THE GIVE BACK AWARD (THE INTERNATIONAL CENTRE.) Will Michael Prescott please join me on stage to accept this award?

Acceptance Speech from Michael Prescott:

I would like to thank my friend John Neo for nominating the International Centre. John’s a great friend and he’s been kind enough to attend some of our fund raising events….also thank you to CAEM for reaffirming our commitment to social responsibility…..

I can honestly say that there is no recognition I would rather have for our company than the “ Give Back “ award. Six or seven years ago we wouldn’t have been considered a Give Back company …. .sure we sent cheques, supported causes but nothing like where we are today ….We had good thoughts and good intentions but you need a champions … drivers …leaders if you will ….in our company’s case this was Trevor Lui ….Trevor was the impetus to get involved ….to create the enthusiasm and participation necessary to accomplish positive things for those that need a helping hand ….when Trevor broached this subject with me the only thing I said to him was …let’s do these things for the right reasons …not for public relations purposes …not to enhance our corporate profile …..but because we think it’s the right thing to do…..and that’s where we started……Trevor Lui made this happen . Thank you Trevor….
We have other champions and I would particularly like to recognize Sonya Poorter who manages our CSR initiatives ….Sonya leads out efforts …plans …recruits and executes programs to benefit others and the environment …..she has wonderfully willing participants….a spectacular group that works hard, not only on behalf of the International Centre but on behalf of those less fortunate….I have the easy part …..I say yes when good people ask to do good things for wonderful causes….I am proud of what all of our people do …..proud to receive this award on behalf of them and the International Centre….they have made us a better company and on a personal note our champions have moved me from someone with good intentions to a willing participant that I am all the better for ….
Thank you to them and thank you CAEM.