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2013 Associate Member of the Year Award

Missy Lichtenberger, CMP, CEM, Sales Manager, Scotiabank Convention Centre

Introductory Speech by Robin Paisley:

Ladies and gentlemen, our Associate of the Year is warm, bright and a delight to be around. This person has held a variety of volunteer positions since joining CAEM in February of 2010. She has diligently served on CAEM’s education committee and on several conference committees putting in endless hours of volunteering. A quiet dynamo, this person is consistently working hard to ensure that not only our Annual Conference but CAEM as a whole continues to elevate itself and its profile. This person’s contributions to the 2012 Conference Education Committee and general Education Committee went above and beyond. And, furthermore, the ongoing efforts of this individual inspires those around her to work harder and contribute more. What more could you ask of a volunteer than that. It is with great pleasure I introduce to you, our 2013 Associate Member of the Year, Missy Lichtenberger, CMP, CEM of Scotiabank Convention Centre in Niagara Falls!

Acceptance Speech by Missy Lichtenberger, CMP, CEM:

To be recognized by an Association that I admire and respect is an honour I will hold onto dearly. Receiving this award at the place that brought my dreams to reality makes this evening even more special. David Chisholm, thank you for taking the chance on an ambitious, yet incredibly nervous, young lady nine years ago. CAEM was an acronym I heard frequently within in the walls of the MTCC. I remember the desire to belong to this C-A-E-M as it was described with prestige, integrity and well…as the wildest and craziest group of professional partyers there ever was and will ever be!

When I joined the Scotiabank Convention Centre in 2010 and was encouraged to join CAEM it seemed natural to jump with both feet in. As Donald Trump once said “In order to be successful, you need to hang around with successful people.” So…you’re stuck with me!

I am early in my career and already feel right at home with CAEM. It seems surreal that not only I am a member of CAEM today, I am being honoured amongst a family I have longed to be a part of. To the Expo Members, I admire your Entrepreneurial Spirit and love the magic your shows create. Thank you all for sharing your experience, advice and contagious passion for the Exposition Industry. I have so much to learn from each and every one of you and I am grateful to have come so far in such a short time.

Serge and Michael, thank you being mentors, ambassadors and friends. You represent this Industry and Association with the pride and prestige it deserves.

Kerry Painter and Jeff Dixon, where do I begin? Thank you for investing in my success and encouraging my every effort to improve both personally and professionally. Kerry was interested in my CEM Designation and after explaining the highlights of the program, she enrolled herself and holds the record for the completing the course in just 7 short months. Thank you for supporting CAEM and my admiration for this amazing association.

Last but certainly not least, thank you Robin Paisley for nominating me for this award. I have had the pleasure of working with Robin as co – chairs of the Promotions Committee for the 2013 Annual Conference. I assure you, this was not part of our Promotional Campaign. However, now that you have given me a microphone and I have your attention, I just can’t let this opportunity pass me by.

This conference is going to be the best one yet! It will have the industry relevant education you’ve asked for, the networking opportunities you thrive on and evening parties that you will never forget!

I speak for Kerry, Jeff and all the members of the Scotiabank Convention Centre, we are honoured for the opportunity to welcome you into our home. See you all in June and thank you!